Rekoya Drives Azar's Middle Eastern Success, Achieving 50 Million Downloads with Strategic Brilliance and Masterful Campaigns

Azar, the innovative video chat app, connects millions of users worldwide. Developed by Hyperconnect, a Korean company and a subsidiary of Match Group—the American tech giant behind popular online dating services like Tinder and—Azar debuted in the Middle East in 2018. Since then, Rekoya has been instrumental in raising awareness, driving user registrations, and establishing Azar as a household name in the region.

Overcoming Challenges

When Azar launched in the Middle East, it faced significant challenges. The random pairing of users through video chat was met with resistance in this culturally conservative region. However, Rekoya stepped in as a strategic partner, and our impact was profound. Our efforts successfully shifted perceptions.

Changing Perceptions

Rekoya’s team understood the nuances of Middle Eastern values and morals. We worked tirelessly to shift the narrative. We crafted campaigns that resonated with local audiences, demonstrating how Azar aligned with the desire for meaningful connections.

Authentic Connections

Collaborating with hundreds of regional influencers, we showcased real interactions on Azar. Unscripted and spontaneous, we highlighted the fun and excitement of meeting strangers. These connections resonated with users. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing kept people apart, Azar’s impact was even more pronounced.

Maximizing Impact

Our influencer marketing strategies change as we address various business objectives with time. For example, we highlighted Azar’s exceptional features, including uninterrupted high-quality video calls and user-friendly design. We also promote in-app purchases and subscriptions through creative influencer collaborations.

Insights and Optimization

Rekoya’s data-driven approach allows us to track in-app user behavior, identify rewarding influencers and user bases, and optimize our strategies. Promo codes help us measure sign-ups, ensuring maximum value for Match Group’s investment.

A Rewarding Journey

Our influencer marketing campaigns have resulted in 50 million downloads in the Middle East... and counting! Today, our partnership with Match Group continues to thrive. As Azar evolves and introduces new features, we remain committed to sustaining success. The trust forged over years of overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional results and the lifelong friendships we've made is why we’re passionate about what we do.

Rekoya and Match Group—a testament to resilience, excellence, and the magic of human connection.