Influencer Marketing Excellence: How Rekoya Propelled Foreo to the Forefront of the Beauty Industry

Since 2019, Rekoya has been the go-to partner for Foreo’s influencer marketing activities in the MENA region. This partnership has not only amplified Foreo’s brand awareness but also positioned them as a premium brand in the beauty industry. The result? Foreo’s sales in the Middle East have surpassed all other regions worldwide.


Pioneering Skincare Innovation from Sweden

Hailing from Sweden, Foreo is a pioneer in the beauty industry, celebrated for its excellent skincare products. Foreo’s facial cleansing and massaging devices, renowned for their superior skincare capabilities, are highly rated and widely recognized as industry leading products.


Overcoming Unique Obstacles

Foreo’s innovative skincare devices, while effective, are often perceived as a costly addition to skincare routines. Additionally, the introduction of new technology, especially in skincare, often meets with resistance and skepticism. Our challenge was twofold: demonstrate the value for money of Foreo’s products and assure customers of their safety.


Showcasing Foreo’s True Value

To tackle these challenges, the influencers shared candid videos of their experiences using Foreo’s products, showcasing the real-time results. These videos, minimally edited and highly authentic, featured influencers from all tiers, from micro to celebrity level. This approach not only showcased Foreo’s authenticity but also demonstrated the consistent effectiveness of their products across a broad spectrum of users.


Translating Content into Business Results

Our approach has successfully dispelled concerns about Foreo’s products, establishing them as safe and worthwhile investments. As we continue to build on the momentum we’ve created, our focus remains on delivering business results, not just impressions and engagement rates.

We track our success through tangible metrics such as trackable links and promo codes, enabling us to measure conversions and Foreo to calculate ROI. The outcome? Foreo’s ROI from our partnership outperforms any other region and any other agency they collaborate with globally. This is a testament to the power of our long-term partnership and the effectiveness of our influencer marketing strategies.

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